Birth Parent Testimonials

Where do I start? I am an only child and started on this adoption process later than I expected. I first started out in foster care and we took care of 2 children before we gave up in the process. But as fate would have it we now are taking care of our first foster daughter because her mother asked us to. I tried for 9 years to adopt but it was not meant to be. After many 'failed' attempts we were able to find this little one. It was a fluke really. His mother made a Safe Haven plan at the hospital and Robert called us after she had been gone for 12 hours. I called my husband and we decided right then and there we would love to have him in our lives. We call him our hurricane baby because he was born between Irma and Maria. We picked him up at 2 days old at Roberts office. Then about 7-10 days later his birth mother inquired about her little one. We were panicked when we got a call from Robert, but he spoke to us and reassured us. We met with her about a week later and she chose us to give him the best life. It was wonderful connecting with her and her young son. The rest is history. We could not have done this without ACF and Robert's help.


When we were looking for an adoption agency as a prospective adoptive family, ACF was recommended to us for their strong moral compass and diligent commitment to supporting expectant mothers. This was of utmost importance to us and something that ALL of the staff at ACF demonstrated at every step of the process. Knowing that they were making decisions grounded in respect for individuals in vulnerable positions gave us a lot of peace.
As our out-of-area placement agency, ACF made each step of the process as seamless as possible. Their clear communication, detailed advanced notice of upcoming steps, and responsiveness to questions put our minds at ease that we were in good hands. ACF worked effectively with the home study agency and facilitated the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children so we could quickly bring our little one home. Both during termination of parental rights and at finalization, ACF was very professional and thorough in ensuring that all necessary paperwork and processes were completed.
ACF was also very LGBT-friendly. From the beginning, we were treated like any other prospective parent. Additionally, ACF was forthcoming and transparent about the realities of wait time and provided regular updates to keep us informed. This helped us remain hopeful but realistic that one day soon a little one would join our family.
Ultimately what made us most pleased to have selected ACF was their warmth and kindness. The adoption process for us, like many others, comes with a wide range of emotions including many moments of uncertainty and vulnerability. In these moments, the support from ACF was invaluable. They were also there celebrating with joy when we were matched, placed, and finalized. We are forever grateful to have had ACF staff, who now feel like part of our family, along with us on this journey.

Lisa and Ashley

Hello! My name is Nicole. ACF adoptions and Stacy Levine (my social worker) are total life savers! From the day they rescued me from homelessness to this day still sharing on progress in my life, they have been so caring and considerate treating me with the utmost dignity and respect and above all loving kindness. I feel like family. They really went the extra miles to make sure me and baby got everything we needed and more to have a safe and happy pregnancy. They took such care of us. I am absolutely in love with the family I chose and I can rest easy knowing I made the right decision for us. They worked very closely with me every step of the way. Thank you ACF Adoptions for this experience which couldn't have been any better. I'm grateful your in the world and I would recommend you to anyone who got pregnant and considering adoption by either placing a baby or a family looking to adopt. Thank you so much!

 ? Baby Axel  ?

ACF Rocks! We can’t begin to give enough praise to the ACF team! Each and every person we worked with were so warm, supportive, kind and loving. The day I set foot in their office it felt like home and I was meeting my long lost family for the second time! They are so thoughtful to ensure that what is BEST, is what happens for birth parent(s), baby and adoptive parents. They are open and truthful in discussions and do not try to offer you false hope, but instead offer you realistic hope. They held our hand from beginning to end and walked us through a very difficult time during the process. In the end we have our baby girl Laila and she has brought so much joy to our family and all those around us. We are so thankful that we crossed paths with everyone connected to ACF. Thank you for helping us to realize our family dream. We will shout through the rooftops that ACF is the way to go!

Laryssa & Alvin ?