ACF has forever changed our lives and we will be eternally grateful for them. ACF came into our lives about 2 years ago when we were matched with our first birth mom. Not only did they walk us through every step, they were always available for calls/questions/support along the way. This is obviously a very emotional/taxing journey and if you don't have someone like ACF helping hold you up, I really don't think you can make it through this process peacefully.

One of the most important qualities that ACF demonstrated throughout the adoption process was transparency. They always remained up front, communicative and transparent about every step of journey. Whether it was birth mom updates, financial questions or just overall realistic expectations - they never sugar coated the information and we were never left surprised. Adoption can be a very complicated process and ACF was there for us every step of the way.

When we came to work with ACF we had already been disappointed in a few other agencies and were very skeptical of the overall process. However, I truly believe ACF came into our lives to make up for the rough journey we had previously had by giving us our perfect daughter and working with us every step of the way, making it the most life-changing moment..

Our family will always be so grateful to Jackie, Lynette, Rob and the entire ACF team for staying in our lives and not giving up on our dreams.


We can not begin to express the gratitude and respect we have for the team at ACF Adoptions.  To say they changed our life does not even begin to describe how amazing ACF Adoptions is; because of ACF we are a family.

We joined with ACF after a long and very difficult few years working with other agencies and from the moment we called, everything turned around.  At ACF we were listened to, we were supported, our dreams and visions were clearly understood by everyone there, and we were offered exceptional guidance on navigating the adoption experience.

From a planning standpoint, all we needed to do was follow their lead and complete each step as they presented them to us. It was perfectly clear and when we did have questions, we would get answers extremely quickly.

When it came time for us to be matched, we were so very impressed at the way ACF supported us as well as the birth mother and her family.  It was always so obvious that by demonstrating a calm and compassionate way of working, ACF would help this all come together in a way that worked positively for everyone.  After being matched, ACF supported us with carefully planning each step, always ensuring we were prepared and while providing us with ongoing emotional encouragement and support – something we needed to help us along!

We also know that behind the scenes they were doing countless things for us, all the while allowing us to focus on the journey of preparing to become parents.  As prospective parents, we truly needed a team who could provide us with support and guidance as well as with the experience and expertise to ensure a successful adoption.

While it is difficult to put our appreciation into words – it is fair to say that calling ACF was one of the best decisions we ever made.


Mark and Johnny

Where do I start? I am an only child and started on this adoption process later than I expected. I first started out in foster care and we took care of 2 children before we gave up in the process. But as fate would have it we now are taking care of our first foster daughter because her mother asked us to. I tried for 9 years to adopt but it was not meant to be. After many 'failed' attempts we were able to find this little one. It was a fluke really. His mother made a Safe Haven plan at the hospital and Robert called us after she had been gone for 12 hours. I called my husband and we decided right then and there we would love to have him in our lives. We call him our hurricane baby because he was born between Irma and Maria. We picked him up at 2 days old at Roberts office. Then about 7-10 days later his birth mother inquired about her little one. We were panicked when we got a call from Robert, but he spoke to us and reassured us. We met with her about a week later and she chose us to give him the best life. It was wonderful connecting with her and her young son. The rest is history. We could not have done this without ACF and Robert's help.