We just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful support, the great work you do, and you did for us with the adoption of both our daughters, Camila and Sophie. It is not so easy to express in words how we feel, but we feel so fortunate to have met you in this journey. Thank you for your words, your listening "ear", your advice, your understanding and humanity. Thank you for having helped us create our family and for caring about the way we felt all the way. During all the process you've gone a little far beyond, that extra distance that makes you so unique and special. That made us feel all the time so lucky to have met people like you in such special moment in our lives. It is not just the kind of work you do, but mostly the way you do it. I will always remember the first day I called your office and talked on the phone for sooooo long with Yaki and Yazmin who patiently answered every single question I had with so much care and understanding. That was the first "door" that opened and introduced us to the possibility of fulfilling our dream to become a family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Karina and Isaac,

We are the second family who adopt via ACF. Everything was new for us, but also for Child and Future and I think also for you. But the contact between ACF and Child and Future went very well. When we were in Miami, we felt very welcome. You have helped us with all our questions and took your time for us. We hope to see you for a second adoption! Best regards,

Eduard, Aniek & Daniaya - From the Netherlands,

Our experience with ACF was truly and excellent one. We never expected our adoption to go so smoothly. The staff was kind and very understanding. We will definitely consider using them again to further our search for a brother or sister for our beautiful daughter. They are our angels in disguise granting our wishes in ways that cannot be explained in words. May God bless everyone in this company.  We love you all.

Vanessa & Hector,

What an amazing experience! We felt like we were guided to ACF from the beginning and never once did we question our choice to work with you to bring our family together. There were of course, ups and downs along the way emotionally, but the support of the team at ACF, especially Meg, Ginger and of course, Stacey, kept our faith that it would all work out. We decided to move one step forward at a time, until it felt like too much or didn't seem right. That belief and trust in our ACF family led to an amazing phone call one morning when we learned our little boy was coming home from the hospital and to us! The only thing I could have wanted was to be psychic and know ahead how and when everything would happen. Unfortunately I don't have that skill. (Although I do remember Stacey saying in June we would have a baby around Christmas. She had a feeling - and Ryan was born 12/29/09 and came home 1/6/10!) We will forever think of our ACF friends as the ladies who brought us to our little man, and who turned this "married couple" into a "family". Thank you and our sincere love and good wishes are not nearly the right words to express our thoughts.

Regina & Kevin,