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Adoption changed our lives and made our dream of becoming parents a reality, ACF made that possible! Our experience with ACF was fantastic.  Robert, Jackie and the team made us feel so comfortable and at ease from our very first phone call.  They explained the entire process in detail, took the time to answer our questions, and were always available to talk.  Like most adoption journeys, ours was full of ups and downs. Jackie became part of our support system and was often the person I would call when I just needed someone to listen who could understand what I was feeling.  It is evident that the team genuinely cares for all involved in the process; the birth mother, the adoptive parents and most importantly, the baby. We finally got to meet the team when our son was born. It felt like we were reuniting with old friends.  They shared in our joy and beamed over pictures of our sweet baby.  The day of Xavier's adoption finalization I think Robert was almost as excited as we were! We were also so impressed with how compassionate and supportive the team was and continues to be of Xavier's birth mother.  The really helped prepare us for speaking with her the first time and helped us navigate building a relationship with her.  We are so fortunate to have stayed connected with Xavier's birth mother and look forward to seeing her again in the future!

We hope to add to our family through adoption and cannot wait to work with ACF again. There are no words to thank them for all they did for our family.  I would recommend this agency to anyone!

Marcus & Missy

Hello! My name is Nicole. ACF adoptions and Stacy Levine (my social worker) are total life savers! From the day they rescued me from homelessness to this day still sharing on progress in my life, they have been so caring and considerate treating me with the utmost dignity and respect and above all loving kindness. I feel like family. They really went the extra miles to make sure me and baby got everything we needed and more to have a safe and happy pregnancy. They took such care of us. I am absolutely in love with the family I chose and I can rest easy knowing I made the right decision for us. They worked very closely with me every step of the way. Thank you ACF Adoptions for this experience which couldn't have been any better. I'm grateful your in the world and I would recommend you to anyone who got pregnant and considering adoption by either placing a baby or a family looking to adopt. Thank you so much!

 ? Baby Axel  ?

ACF Rocks! We can’t begin to give enough praise to the ACF team! Each and every person we worked with were so warm, supportive, kind and loving. The day I set foot in their office it felt like home and I was meeting my long lost family for the second time! They are so thoughtful to ensure that what is BEST, is what happens for birth parent(s), baby and adoptive parents. They are open and truthful in discussions and do not try to offer you false hope, but instead offer you realistic hope. They held our hand from beginning to end and walked us through a very difficult time during the process. In the end we have our baby girl Laila and she has brought so much joy to our family and all those around us. We are so thankful that we crossed paths with everyone connected to ACF. Thank you for helping us to realize our family dream. We will shout through the rooftops that ACF is the way to go!

Laryssa & Alvin ?