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Stay-At-Home Adoptive Dad

By Tim, Adoptive Dad -   The stereotype is that women dream of their wedding day starting when they are little girls, well I dreamt of having my own family since I was a little boy.  To be exact I wanted 5 kids; 3 boys and 2 girls.  I was married at 24 but 11 years…

Open Adoption

By Pat Mills, MS, Adoption Counselor  - Hi, I am Pat Mills, adoption counselor. I have worked in adoptions for 23 years (13 with newborns). I have worked with both adoptive parents and birth parents from initial screening to finalization. The words “open adoption” can be very frightening for those just beginning their adoption journey. But…

Tools for Adoptive Parent Profiles

By Halla Steiner, LCSW  -   Hello. My name is Halla and I am a clinical social worker with experience working with birth moms, adoptive families, and parents wishing to adopt. There are several important factors ranging from legal to personal. In the next blogs, I would like to encourage discussion about the crucial elements of…

The Story of Elizabeth

By Elizabeth  -     Greetings, potential birth parents. This blog is written specifically for birth parents, from the perspective of a birth mother, which is myself, who made a successful and happy adoption plan for an unplanned pregnancy. Before I dive into anything extremely deep, I’d like to keep this first post simple, introduce myself…