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10 Things Every Birthmother Wants Adoptive Parents To Know

By Patricia Dischler, Author, speaker, child care professional, and birthmother -   I often told my son’s adoptive mother how much I loved her and was thankful she was a part of my life. But, like many things I’ve told her over the years, Kathy would already know. Back in 1985 I chose open adoption for…

How to Know if an Adoption Match is “Right” for You

By Stacey Levine, LMHC, Adoption Counselor -   Hello!  My name is Stacey Levine and I have been in the adoption field as a social worker for almost 20 years.  You might say I am obsessed with adoption.  The whole thing...birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees.  There is something special in adoption and I am so happy…

1 Year Anniversary – STAY-AT-HOME ADOPTIVE DAD

By Tim, Adoptive Dad -   This month marks my 1-year anniversary in my new job and like with any job I took some time recently to reflect on my 1st year’s performance.  I tried to ask for my boss’s feedback, but since she cannot form a sentence yet she was not much help.  Her beautiful…

Stay-At-Home Adoptive Dad

By Tim, Adoptive Dad -   The stereotype is that women dream of their wedding day starting when they are little girls, well I dreamt of having my own family since I was a little boy.  To be exact I wanted 5 kids; 3 boys and 2 girls.  I was married at 24 but 11 years…

Open Adoption

By Pat Mills, MS, Adoption Counselor  - Hi, I am Pat Mills, adoption counselor. I have worked in adoptions for 23 years (13 with newborns). I have worked with both adoptive parents and birth parents from initial screening to finalization. The words “open adoption” can be very frightening for those just beginning their adoption journey. But…



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