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Our experience with ACF was wonderful. From start to finish and beyond. From day one of first contact we had nothing but complete and total support. ACF remained active and helpful through the entire process and even now, though our adoption has been finalized, we know we can call on them for advice. We can’t speak highly enough about ACF and given the chance, we would gladly work with them again.

Allison and Edwin

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?Adoption is Love ?

We cannot say enough positive things regarding our adoption experience. The team at ACF is both professional and caring and was able to answer all of our questions very clearly and promptly. They invested a tremendous amount of time getting to know us and helping us to consider choices we were making as we prepared to expand our family. We found their attention to detail to be extremely helpful and this allowed us to fully focus on the excitement and emotions of bringing a baby in our lives.

After getting to know us, ACF quickly shared our profile and made sure that we always knew the steps they were taking on our behalf. Once matched they worked with us on nearly a daily basis to help see us through. It was also clear that they were tremendously compassionate, supportive, and caring with regard to their approach with our birth mother.

There were points during our adoption process were difficult choices needed to be made and ACF was extremely fair and kind. They always respected that we were balancing serious life decisions and navigating a very emotional experience.

When it came time to welcome James into our life they were there with us moment to moment. They helped us form a positive relationship with our birth mother and saw us through every step with great consistency and compassion. We can't imagine a more supportive and caring process and are forever grateful to the ACF team.

Mark & John