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Tanja and Matthias


Location: Rheinfelden - Switzerland

Marital Status: Happily married

Children: Not yet

Ethnicity: Caucasian Tanja Swiss, Matthias German

Education: Tanja –higher banking school's degree Matthias– University degree

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. You are about to make the most difficult decision of your life: you try to find the perfect home and family for your child. It should be a loving home where your child will get the imaginable best it can get. We have so much love to give and we would love to give your child a perfect and safe home to grow up. Here is a little bit of our story.

Welcome to our Life

We are Tanja and Matthias and we live in a small country in the middle of Europe called Switzerland. Our mother language is German. We first met in December 2006 in Hawaii where we both had traveled to see a concert of our favorite band U2. By then Matthias lived in Munich, Germany and we first had a far distance weekend relationship. In summer 2007 he moved to Switzerland. After living together for many years, we are happily married since June 2013.

From the beginning of our relationship one of the things we agreed on was that we wanted to have children one day. Since Tanja did not become pregnant naturally we decided not to undergo any medical procedures to get pregnant rather we began to discuss the idea of adopting a child.

Matthias works as an electrical engineer in a large energy supply company.Tanja is working in a small branch of a local bank. In future she wants to be a stay at home mom during the week and work on Saturdays when Matthias is at home. She looks very much forward to it.


We love to spend our evenings together at home, spend time with family and friends and go to home games of FC Basel which is the soccer club of our region. Soccer is the most important sport in Europe and we both like to watch this game very much.

In our vacations we love to travel, mainly to our favorite country, the USA. We experienced a lot of exciting and wonderful things there.

About Matthias (written by himself)

I was born and raised in a small Bavarian village called Luhe-Wildenau in Germany. My parents Gerhard and Caecilia provided a wonderful and protected childhood to me and my sister Stefanie. My sister is two years younger. We lived in a house with a small garden. Most of the time I spent outside playing soccer with the other children of my neighborhood. After my studies I moved to Munich due to my working place. I lived there until I moved to Tanja.

Life is very good to me. I have an interesting job, a beautiful house of my own and most important a loving wife to grow old with. But life would be perfect with a child. I love to spend time with my two nephews (sons of my sister) and my two nieces (daughters of Tanja´s brother).


About Matthias (written by Tanja)

I had never thought that I would find such a wonderful person to share life with. For me it was love at first sight. He is caring, honest, reliable, helpful and most of all very loving. He always takes care for me. We share many interests and have similar ideas of life. Harmony is very important for both of us. We talk about everything and make our decisions together. He enjoys playing with our friend's children and he responds their questions with great patience. He would be a perfect father.

About Tanja (written by herself)

I was born and raised in Switzerland in a small town called Liestal. My parents Kurt and Madeleine gave me everything: protection, support, security and most of all unconditional love. As a shift worker my father was often at home during the day so he could spend a lot of time with me and my elder brother Sascha. I grew up in an area where many nationalities lived together and the children met outside to play together. I had a wonderful childhood.

After my school education I started to work for a local bank in my hometown. Until today I still work for the same company. My life with Matthias is wonderful. Having a child would make our luck perfect.

About Tanja (written by Matthias)

In Tanja I found a wonderful partner for my life. Most of all I like her helpfulness and her friendly and positive nature.


We understand each other without words and I can count on her in every situation. I can not imagine a better mother than Tanja. Our biggest wish is to share our luck with a child.

Our home

June 2008 we moved together in our own house in Rheinfelden. The town has around 12000 inhabitants and has a large range of shops and leisure activities. Kindergarten and school are in walking distance. Basel (one of the biggest cities in Switzerland) is only 15 minutes away. Switzerland is a very small country.

You can drive from border to border in about four hours. We have two cars so we can drive wherever we want.

We own a corner terraced house on the edge of the town in a neighborhood with little traffic. There is a little garden with a covered seating area and lawn where there would be enough space for children to play outside safely.

Inside we have an open kitchen, a large living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large basement with a guestroom and a utility room with laundry facilities.

The area around the neighboring houses is free of traffic and has a range of play areas and facilities.

There are many families with children of all ages. Many nationalities live close together. Tanja is Swiss, Matthias German.

We also have neighbors from all over Europe, from Asia and Africa.


Switzerland is a peaceful country in the middle of Europe. Switzerland does not take part in wars or other disagreements. Our country is well known for cheese, chocolate and banks.We also have wonderful landscapes with high snow-capped mountains and beautiful places for excursions.

Many nationalities live here together in a peaceful way. We actually have four different official languages here and we only have 8 million inhabitants. Being a citizen of Switzerland means to have a lot of security. We have a very low crime rate. We also have a very low unemployment rate and everyone has health insurance. The taxes are low and the school and university system is free. As an employee you have a minimum of four weeks of vacation per year. The retirement pay is secured by the state.

Our family and friends


We have a very close relationship to our family and friends. We love to spend time with our nieces and nephews. Many of our close friends have small children. They all would love to welcome your little angel.

What we offer to your child

For us unconditioned love is most important. Love means also support, safety, understanding, joy, strong company, ability to show feelings, but also the ability to say no. For us a good education is to form an outer framework that guides the child, while granting sufficient freedom to make decisions and have experiences. We also believe that the example that parents set for their children is an important part of a child's upbringing.

We hope that we could give you an idea of our life with this profile. We look forward to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for your time to read our profile and thank you so much for considering us as parents for your baby.

Tanja and Matthias


Occupation: Tanja –Bank counselor. Matthias –Electrical Engineer

Hobbies: Tanja – reading, sewing, crocheting. Matthias – soccer, sports in general