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Jimmy and Dave


Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Marital Status: Married

Religion: Dave - Jewish; Jimmy- Catholic

Children: not yet

Education: Graduate Degrees

Occupation: Dave - Teacher;Jimmy - Government Official

Interests: Jimmy - Waterpolo, Tennis, Languages; Dave - Hiking, Camping, Music


We’re happy you’retaking the time to read our profile. We are Jimmy and Dave and here is a little about ourselves. We met in Toronto in 2005. Jimmy had just moved there for a Master’s program, and Dave had returned after a few years away to attend teacher’s college.

Dave knew some of Jimmy’s roommates and was invited to their housewarming party.  Jimmy and Dave quickly hit it off and began dating. We moved in together the following year and have been building a life together ever since.

Ever since our first months of dating, one of the things we agreed on was that we wanted to adopt a child one day.

We feel the time is right for us to bring a child into our home.


We moved to Vancouver in 2010. We love living in Vancouver. Our neighbourhood, 10 minutes outside of the downtown core, is a safe and quiet area with great schools, parks, restaurants, and cafes within close walking distance.

We live in a diverse and vibrant neighbourhood where gay and mixed race families feel welcome. We think it is a fantastic place to raise a child.

We are close enough to nature to hike and camp regularly in the summer and ski and snowshoe in the winter. We plan to share our love and appreciation for the outdoors with our child.


After eight years together, we finally got married last year.

We had a small ceremony with immediate family, and then a big party later that night with friends.


When I first met Dave, I was drawn to him as he was always looking for adventures. He can be smart and serious or fun and silly.  He has a unique sense of humour, as well as a contagious laugh, that attracts others to him.

He’s a caring, loving, and warm person.  At the same time, his gentle and consistent encouragements have won the acclaim of his students and colleagues.

I love him as my husband, and most importantly, my closest friend.

Dave loves the outdoors. It’s hard to get him to pass up a chance to climb a mountain. His adventures have taken him from local hills to the Rockies, the Andes and Mount Fuji.  He also enjoys playing recreational volleyball, tennis and curling. He loves listening to folk music and attending summer festivals. Dave works as a teacher in a public high school in our area.  He teaches Math and Special Education. I know Dave will make a great dad as he wants to share his energy and love of adventure and learning with a child.


Jimmy is the most kind, honest and funny man I have ever met.  At parties, people are always drawn to him and want to hear his stories.  I’m always amazed by his natural ability to connect with others.  He’s the most thoughtful person I know.  He always takes time to take care of all the important people in his life.

He is passionate about literature, art, politics and science and is an avid listener of public radio. He loves cooking, salsa dancing and playing tennis and water polo.


He volunteers as a Big Brother and speaks five languages. Jimmy is an official at a Canadian government department. I know he will be a kind, caring and compassionate dad who has lots of interests to share with his child.


We both come from loving families. Dave grew up in Toronto in a family of six. Jimmy grew up in a family of four with a large extended family in Vancouver.


We see Jimmy’s family at least once a week. We visit Dave’s family for a few weeks every summer.


Family is very important to us – there will never be a shortage of people to help us care for our child, or a shortage of cousins to play with.


We have a great network of friends in Vancouver, some of whom have children. Everyone is excited about the possibility of bringing another child into our network.




We love to travel together to explore the nature and culture of other places. We try to take a big trip every year and look forward to having a little one join us on these trips.

We would love it if our child were able to know who their birth mother is through photos, videos and even occasional visits.

We invite you to discuss possible ways to be open in this adoption plan with us.

As a gay couple, we choose adoption as our first choice to expand our family.

Our family heritages, strong liberal values, and commitment to community and education will help us be excellent parents to our children.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dave and Jimmy