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Anjali & Riki


Location:  Maryland

Marital Status: Married 

Children:  Alex - 3 years old

Hobbies:  We love to get together and play with other families every weekend.


We (that’s Riki on the left and Anjali on the right) have been together for more than ten years and married for five.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know us; we are excited to welcome your child into our home to complete our family.

family1Our Family

We have traveled together and laid flooring together, but our biggest project yet is Alex,
our almost-3-year-old.

Anjali had Alex in 2013, and Riki adopted him in 2014.

Now Alex is a big boy, and he is excited to be a big brother. He is also always excited for running, jumping, and going down slides.  Alex puts the “active” in all our family activities.


We both have extended families who love spending time with the grandkids. Here’s Riki’s mom, and Alex’s cousin, Gideon paddleboating together this summer.

                            family2    family3

And Anjali’s brother Aditya playing with Alex on the beach in Florida.


We moved to our current house in 2010, and we got married in the backyard.

            home2      home1

Having kids is all about entertaining the kids! We love playdates, and Anjali is our family’s social director. The kids like to play together, and the adults like to eat. Riki is a great cook.

home3  home5   home4


We live in a very diverse neighborhood just outside Washington DC, and being close to a big city is important to us. We live right on the Metro, the Washington subway, that Riki takes to work. We love to take advantage of all the cultural activities that Washington DC has to offer.

community1    community2    community3

Thank You

Thank you for considering making an adoption plan with us. Our lives are filled with love and community, and we’re excited to share that with your child.

Anjali & Riki